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SEO News Roundup September 2021

Here are the latest SEO industry news and updates from the most authoritative sources. This month’s most important SEO news and trends are included. Get the most recent SEO news on this page and never miss a thing going on in the SEO world!

Google Page Experience Update Fully Rolled Out

The Page Experience Update has now been fully implemented. The Top Stories carousel on mobile search will be updated as well, but the Google News app modifications will take a week, according to Google’s announcement.

“The page experience rollout is complete now, including updates to Top Stories mobile carousel. Changes to Google News app have started to roll out as well and will be complete in a week or so,” Google tweeted.

The announcement was received with a lukewarm response. Page experience update is Important because relevance is the most essential element in any search ranking but page experience elements are still important ranking factors that should be properly considered. The Page Experience ranking factors are actual ranking factors, not just a small nudge.


Google Internal Tool To Check Site Quality

Google’s John Mueller said a few weeks ago that he has internal techniques for analyzing sites or pages to determine whether they are of poor quality. He mentioned this in a video hangout on August 20th.

He said “I also took a quick look at your site in our internal tools, just to double-check some things. And it doesn’t look like we consider your site to be low quality or problematic or anything like that.”


Google Core Updates Can Sometimes Impact Image Search & Local Search

Google’s Danny Sullivan noted on Twitter that core changes may occasionally impact both image and local search results. This follows Danny’s statement that core changes have minimal impact on local outcomes. But now he’s saying “it depends,” implying that it can affect all types of search content.

This comes after Glenn Gabe’s in-depth examination of how core changes might influence picture search. Before texting Danny to confirm, he offered examples of what had happened.

Danny said “Core updates can involve image results or any type of content because they involve our core ranking systems that themselves involve all types of content. That’s why our page about them mentions “content” so often.”

Danny then says that, because he knows how my mind works (having worked together for so long), he assured that core changes had no effect on local search. When he asked him to confirm this, he replied, “It depends.”

“Typically, if you see — as our post says — “widely notable effects,” that’s a sign a core update is playing a role with content,” Danny added. Glenn also provided an example from his blog post that demonstrates this:

So now you know that core changes have the potential to affect core web results, image results, local results, Discover results, and even people’s questions.


Google: We Will Retry Old Redirect URLs For Years

Google’s John Mueller stated that, even if the redirect is in existence for a long time, Google would continue to retry old, redirected URLs for years and years (a year). “I suspect we’ll keep retrying these for years, on and off,” John said on Twitter.

John added that the crawling of those URLs will slow, he said Google will “significantly slow down crawling of things like that, but slow crawling of many URLs is still some crawling.” John added that “it doesn’t cause issues with the rest of the site’s SEO.”

Even if Google attempts to access these old redirected URLs, you are most likely not in bad SEO shape. It is just something Google does with its big long-term memory.

Company’s Update of August 2021

Web Ratna LLP is a customer-oriented company. We starve for our customer’s feedback and always think about the betterment of our clients and the company’s growth. Following are the company’s updates which have been made in the month of September 2021.

1.   Included Client Roadmap

A customer service roadmap is a visual representation of your customer service vision and goals as they evolve over time. A roadmap is very important as it serves as a strategic tool for determining whether you’re on track and setting new goals.

Roadmaps work as a starting point for communication with employees, stakeholders, and others. So being customer-oriented we have added a client roadmap for the convenience of the client as well as the company.

2.   New link building resource: 80+ new resources

The foundation of SEO is link building. To rank effectively on Google, any good web marketer or SEO must understand how to build links to their site. Link building on resource pages is nothing new. Despite this, it is still one of the most widely used link-building techniques.

We have a piece of good news as we have found more than 80+ new resources for link building. And for all those resources DA is less than 30. Isn’t it amazing? Indeed. We have also included wiki submissions this month. Yeah….I know this is big news.

3.   Improved on-page audit using website auditor tool

Website audits are a crucial step in improving a website’s efficiency and exposure. Audits help your site rank higher in Google searches while also enhancing traffic and performance. A website audit gives a company a unique opportunity for online expansion.


That is why we have improved our on-page audit in which we are using the WebSite Auditor Tool. WebSite Auditor is a powerful SEO tool that does a thorough site assessment in a short amount of time (detailed reports).

4.   Added Client Onboarding Checklist

When a new client signs up, it’s not enough to leave them to figure out how to use your service on their own; one must need a step-by-step process in place to ensure they’ve made the proper decision.

One of the most effective ways to reduce churn is to welcome a new client into your organization and develop a positive relationship. That is why we have come up with a client onboarding checklist. Take a look!