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GST & Billing Softwares

billing software


With everything being digital and fast, we need software and machines to do the job even faster. So, we have built the best billing software to fulfill your needs in terms of making perfect invoices and thus giving your company a look that speaks professionally. Our intention was to create a specialized billing software in Vadodara suitable for all business.

Billing Software Offered By Web Ratna LLP

Each and every business needs accounting and billing software. Restaurant, medical and many other businesses require PoS system. In fact, it is also possible to have cloud-based billing software so multiple employees of a company can work on it from a different place. In such a case, data redundancy, database conflicts tend to occur but the cloud-based solution can overcome this problem. Following are some of the billing software provided by us

  • Event management billing and invoicing software
  • Medical shop billing software
  • Wholesaler billing software
  • Retail billing software with GST
  • GST billing software (one-stop solution)
  • Hospital billing and employee management software
  • Grocery store and Kirana store billing solution
  • Finance billing software (with different interest rate based on month, year option)
  • Restaurant, warehouse and food supplier billing system with POS (Point of Sale)

Web Ratna LLP deals in various software development customized as per your need. Even billing and invoicing software can be customized as per your need.

billing software in vadodara

Features of Billing Software

The software is packed with the best features which make it so helpful for the company to process fast and efficiently. Our software is designed to fulfill the need of retail industry. Following are some of the best features of GST billing software:

  • Does Your Work: Our software does all the hard work for you. You will not have to worry about calculating bills to formatting them in proper order. Your bill would be ready and printed with invoice notices.
  • Perfect Invoices: Our software makes the designs for your documents too which no other software will give you. The templates for invoices are also great for customer trust issues!
  • Bills from Purchase orders: No matter how many purchase orders are created every day our software will help you in turning them into bills. This is done with the help of the Premium Inventory Option.
  • Documentation: The software is equipped with programs that help in creating better results like a field for signature, billed amount in language, rounding off the amount, while printing the bill.
  • Invoices: The different documents including tax, retail and also excise invoices can be created with the software. Their templates are pre-saved in the software with designs that are professionally accepted by the law.
  • Taxes: Our software is made in a way that supports the different types of taxes that are applicable to any product in the market. The software allows up to 4 different types of taxes to be added.
  • Reports: The reports made with this software allow you to have your business data in shape. They are designed to have proper sections for reports of stocks and sales.
  • Data Reports: We not only make the reports for the stocks and sales but also provide you with the history of payments, client information, the services you have had in the past.
  • Excel Reports: Easily import/export all data in an excel format. This is crucial for many reasons. Such reporting can even be given to CA.
  • Discount: Discounts system can be integrated on an additional charge. Such system can help you to provide a discount for online order, takeaway or party orders. Loyal customers can also be treated with such a discount system.
  • Multiuser Management: Want someone to manage the billing and management part? This is easy with our multilevel management system. Different access like admin, billing etc can be provided to different employees based on your need.
  • GST Compatible: With the new taxation system it is important to have software that works with those clauses. Our software is always updated with the changes and is fully compatible with GST systems.
  • Backup: This feature is important because if you ever need to change your computer that has the software, all the data is backed up. So you don’t have to worry about transferring it.
  • Printing and Emailing Invoices: Our software gives you the feature of printing or emailing the invoices right from your PC. You can also save them as a PDF for future uses.
  • Compatible with different PC’s: We have built software that functions on different platforms of windows which allow you to work efficiently without any issues. Additionally, we can even provide a touch screen compatible system for POS.
  • POS: Point of Sale systems are available for the business that requires such billing software. This is an ideal solution for the restaurant business or similar business where such requirement arises.

pos software

These are the features that we offer you with our software. We assure you about its working that it won’t disappoint you in any way. Starting a small business? Try our software!

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