Over 3 billion users (that’s approximtely 40% of human population) are using social media and internet everyday. The whopping growth in the usage has created an interesting opportunity in a digitial marketing front. Digital marketing cosists of several streams like seo, social media marketing, sem, paid advertisement and several other forms. In a nutshell, Web Ratna as a digital marketing company in Vadodara helps client to increase brand awareness and product selling through digital medium.

Following are some of the main services covered by us

  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Email Marketing and Conversation
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • PPC (Pay Per Click) Management
  • Reputation Management
  • Content Writing/ Marketing
  • Brand Management (Coming Soon)
  • Explainer Videos (Coming Soon)


Above are some of the most important area of digital marketing at our company in Vadodara.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is all about reaching the right person at the right time and at the right place.  Brand persona creation and detailed analysis of the same is conducted by us. Our process starts from the understanding your targeted audience to market your brand in a right manner. During the course, we analyse your competitors and strategies adopted by them.

Facebook and YouTube are the most famous platform considering their wide reach. Today, most of people follow Facebook, Twitter, Google+ , LinkedIn. Our team analyses your targted audience on all those specific platform and creates a calendar to market your business ideas to enhance your reach. We smartly engage the audience and publicise your product. Increase your social peripherals and engage with the clients on the most wide and utilized media of present. You can contact us 24/7 hours using our contact details. Our team is always there for you.

Global Digital Statshot Q3 2017 from We Are Social Singapore

Our team of social media marketing is extremely talented and capable of automating most of the social media campaigns. Web Ratna LLP uses professional tools along with in house social media marketing tool to monitor all the campaigns. Perhaps, this is why we product to call ourselves as best digital marketing company of Vadodara.

  • Support all social media platforms
  • Strategy building and brand enhancements
  • Increase audience engagement
  • Lead generation
  • Automation and detailed reporting
  • Custom dashboard to manage your campaigns
  • 24/7 support
digital marketing in vadodara

Digital Marketing Process Overview

Know about our Digital Marketing Process

Digital marketing is a complex process and involves many different phases. We are providing a basic overview of a very detailed digital marketing process that requires tons of time and resources. In the process, we use several different premium tools to help us evaluate the process.


  • Brainstroming
  • Creation of a sales funnel
  • Competitor analysis
  • Roadmap creation and client approval
  • Re-creation of a funnel based on client’s input
  • Work distribution to different teams like social media marketing, SEO, reputation management
  • Implementation & execution of plan
  • Reporting
  • Rinse and repeat


There are several other steps that requires approval. To make the process simpler, we have omitted them.

Increases brand awareness

Significantly increase your brand awareness with social media marketing. Let the potential custoemer know about your service using digital and social media marketing

High profitability

Facebook, twitter and other social media marketing platform are much cost effective and offers bigger ROI compared to any other medium

Increase audience loyalty

Audience confience increases in brand when they interact with the brand through social media channels. It also helps in customer loyalty and new leads

Increases brand reach

Brand can reach to more customers by leveraging millions of social media users. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest are few sites with millions of daily active users