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Staggering 92% of consumers read online reviews to know about a business before making any informed decision. A disgruntled customer can write negative review about your company on any platform. Due to the increased use of social media platform, forums, review websites and more, customers has got plenty of options to leave scathing review about your company. Perhaps, such infinite options make it difficult for a brand to know where the customer has bashed your company. This is where online reputation management company like Web Ratna LLP can help you. Online reputation management is an art and requires tons of hard work and timely response in order to save a brand from a negative review.

Why Online Reputation Management (ORP) from Web Ratna LLP?

Oftentimes, brands fail to realise the importance of reputation management and they come to us when enough damage has been done. Our process ensures we monitor each and every reviews including the negative ones.

Brand Mention Monitoring: Brand mention monitoring is very necessary for any serious brand looking for backlinks and reputation management. Negative comments are addresses quickly. Instead of relying on a single tool, we use multiple tools to manage the brand mention on entire web. Next time whenever they mention you on any platform, we know about it first and bring this to company’s attention. It’s important to address such issue with a proper solution and swift response.

Social Media: Social media networks are the biggest weapon for any customer and company. If a customer makes a complaint, we need to discover it first and then use a smart tactic to figure out the problem. It is often solved with a timely response. Not only, customer feels privileged but it inspires other people to use your product and company as we managed to resolve the issue quickly. All the customer need is affection and love from a brand. Make them feel special and they will shower you with more bling bling.

Master SERP (Search Engine Ranking Pages): Often customers search about the review and scam report of a company before making a purchase. It is therefore very necessary to make sure negative comments are harder to reach. A simple solution to this is to claim all first page rankings with positive review. This will require a hard work but it is a best solution to keep your brand reputation intact.

Review Removal: Not all reviews are genuine. Oftentimes, competitors use this as to hard the reputation of another competitor. In such a case, it is necessary to make sure such reviews are removed. Sensitive data should also be removed in such scenario. Although, this is a time consuming affair, there is no alternative to this. We often contact the review sites directly and explain them the situation and try to remove such reviews. There is also a way to get such pages deindexed from Google using DMCA complaints.


ORP is not just a damage control

Don’t consider online reputation management as just a way to do damage control. It can also be used to encourage more reviews about the brand. It helps in brand reputation improvement too. Web Ratna LLP knows how important online reputation management for brands in Vadodara and other regions is. We use multiple tools and tactics to bring out the best solution.

Following things are performed in order to ensure your brand gets maximum exposure

  • Brand mention monitoring
  • Strategy building and brand enhancements
  • Review sites management
  • Social media management
  • Content marketing
  • Press mention
  • Review generation through outreach programs
  • Automation and detailed reporting
  • Custom dashboard to manage your campaigns
  • 24/7 support
Online Reputation Management Company in Vadodara


Increases brand awareness

Significantly increase your brand awareness and trust with online reputation management. Let the customer know that you value their opinion and you care for them

High profitability

Increase your profit over a period of time as you successfully tackled customer remorse. More engagement, viral campaigns can be built using brand mention tactics

Increase audience loyalty

Engage audience and increase their confidence in the brand. Such behavior helps in increased customer loyalty and brings new leads on autopilot as they recommend your service

Increases brand reach

Brand can reach to more customers by leveraging trust on several forums, social media platforms. Unleash new marketing campaigns and lead generation websites as a bonus

SEO Tools

Scaling up SEO is necessary. Over 50+ SEO tools are used to get the desired result. At Web Ratna, we believe in mastering the growth hack. Over 50+ different web development, SEO, design, analytics, reporting, and productivity tools are used by us.

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