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Top 10 Newsletter Tools For All Start-Ups & Businesses

Are you dreaming of making the most of your mailing list? Looking for a way to transform more of your subscribers into customers, and the customers into loyal fans of yours? If you want to expand your email list and get real results from your email marketing, then you need powerful email newsletter tools that allow you to effectively run email campaigns that are driven by results.

We’ll review the 10 best email newsletter tools in this article to help you find the best tool for your business.

What Is E-mail Marketing & Why Is It Thriving?

Email marketing is an online marketing technique that is highly successful. It is the process of sending emails to your prospects and clients with the objective of making more sales.

After email marketing, social media, and various digital marketing methods were introduced; however, emails still rule on the world of online marketing. One reason might be that emails hold authenticity over other tools, after all the email inbox is a highly trusted space and the most standard one.

What One Should Look For In Newsletter Tools?

Choosing the correct tool for email newsletters is an important step towards becoming a successful email marketer.

Here are the fundamental things you need to focus on when choosing the right email marketing tool for your business:

  • Ease of Use: Make sure you select a user-friendly tool that you can easily handle.
  • Email Automation Features: Choose a platform that has proper features for email automation that allow you to send personalized emails in bulk.
  • Email Deliverability: You need a tool that ensures that your emails are delivered properly.
  • Pricing: Check the pricing plans prior selecting a newsletter tool.

Top 10 Newsletter Tools

We’ve outlined the specific strengths of each service in this roundup of the best email newsletter resources so you can select the right one for you in the first go itself.

AWeber For Creative & Responsive Email Templates

AWeber is a long-standing tool with a host of powerful features including its free Smart Designer that allows you to create templates that look good captivating attention in seconds. What else is it doing? It creates emails automatically from blog posts, has a drag-and-drop editor with over 700 mobile-responsive email templates and the option to apply tags to trigger automated email campaigns.


With this tool, you can add eye-catching signup forms and gather email addresses to your website and social media. After that, you can connect more strongly by sending those newsletters with the exact content they want. There are ready email templates that you can use to easily design professional-looking email newsletters. The drag and drop email builder allows you to easily customize the templates. No competencies in design or coding are required.

Other features include industry-leading delivery, free hosting of images, split testing, auto-removal bounce, etc. To gage output with analytics, there are suite mobile applications to use, user management and segmentation, and email monitoring.

MailChimp For Big Commerce Vendors & Eye-Catchy Campaigns

MailChimp is the first thing to pop into the heads of many people when they think, and for good reason, about email newsletters. There is a huge selection of templates and loads of features that make it easy to run a super-looking campaign that displays well on almost all email clients. MailChimp is apt for e-commerce development & integrates with the big e-commerce vendors, including WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento, so that you can use your purchased data to customize your emails.

MailChimp usage is easy to create effective email marketing campaigns for anyone without any technical skills. It also lets you create ads, landing pages, and more from a single location.

Benchmark For Deliverability & Scalability

Benchmark ‘s strength is its international orientation – this is probably the one for you if you need things in lots of languages. It is available in nine languages. As a key selling point, the email newsletter service also emphasizes its high-quality, international customer support, and the organization has offices in 15 countries including China and Japan.

Campaigner To Handle E-mail Marketing Of Multiple Clients

Campaigner has some really advanced options that enable you to send emails based on very specific triggers if you want fine control over your campaign. For instance, you can send email based on what customers have done with a previous email, when they fill out specific forms on your website, or when they make a buy.

GetResponse For Webinars, Autoresponders & Apps.

Marketing activities occasionally end up growing beyond what was originally intended. GetResponse has a pricing structure that allows you to start email marketing and move into landing pages, webinars, autoresponders, and company apps as and when you need to. The email editor features a built-in mobile preview function, 220 email templates, 700 webform templates, 5000 stock images, and segmented lists that allow you to more accurately target customers.

Mailjet For Collaboration Over Newsletters

Timing is also a major factor in the success of your email newsletter strategies, and a service that’s too slow to deliver might ruin that. Performance is a strong focus for Mailjet, as are developer tools – if you want to build something that sends an email, this one is a good choice for you.

The email designer from Mailjet can customize your newsletter, create custom templates, segment your lists, and run A / B tests. And if necessary, Mailjet can also be used to create and send transactional emails for things such as purchases and free plan sign-ups.

Like Benchmark, with offices in seven countries and support in four languages, it has good international capabilities too. Mailjet also emphasizes its ability to work on a scale – if you’re a big business with huge email lists, it works wonders.

MailUp For Quick Responsive E-mail Marketing

MailUp is a strong choice in cases where costing is more important than timing. It has a clever pricing system where you pay according to how quickly you need to get the messages. You can send 6,000 emails in 2 hours, for just $60 a month using the Web plan.

Emma For Its Exquisiteness & Simplicity

With their excellent architecture and user interface, Emma separates itself from the rest of the email newsletter resources. It is a pleasure to use as it has lots of powerful marketing features that are presented in a way that will not intimidate a new user and in turn would help in their reputation management securing a respectable position in market.


The built-in templates are beautiful and simple to customize, and it has all the features a serious email newsletter service might expect. There are also editions tailored to the needs of universities, restaurants, retailers, and non-profits.

Constant Contact To Create Automated Newsletter Templates

If you are not a designer, it can be a time-consuming process to create a template for your newsletter. Constant Contact makes it easier for you to generate a template automatically. You plug in the address of your website, search your website for colors and images, and then plug it into different models for those things. Use the template you want and use it for any newsletter you want. It took us, in all, about two minutes to set up.

Constant Contact is often said to be one of the most reliable services for its price bracket, and as you can test this email newsletter tool free for 30 days, you can try it out thoroughly for yourself. Includes integration with WooCommerce, dozens of mobile-friendly templates, landing pages, and access to a free stock image gallery.

Sendloop For Non Techs & Marketing Apps

We like Sendloop because of its combination of powerful features and price offering good value for money. It’s great if you want non-technical people to be a really easy builder and marketing tools to target your campaign just the way you want. There’s also a website for developers to create marketing apps that you can sell to other users.

Why Do You Need E-mail Newsletters?

Whether you’re a small business or a big business with a massive subscription base, you’ll find an email newsletter resource to fit your needs.

For very little outlay, email newsletters are a perfect way to communicate your brand message. And, there are a few great tools out there that will help you easily build and manage email newsletters.

If you keep it simple then you will have covered most of the tools in our list. If you want to up the ante and add more basic or advanced features, however, then you need to do a little more work to make sure you get what you want. If you want to attach templates of high quality to your chosen program, check out our free Templates post for newsletters.

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