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Social Media Marketing

Enhance your company’s growth with a precise blend of industry trends and expertise.

    Social Media Marketing:
    Refreshing Your Brand

    Delivering engaging and innovative strategies to be heard by the crowd. Web Ratna helps your brand grow through its social presence.


    WebRatna creates Facebook strategies that skyrocket your business and magnify growth. Precise planning and in-depth analysis help us maximize traffic, improve conversion rates and increase sales.


    Web Ratna’s LinkedIn strategies optimize your presence with powerful strategies. These elevate business growth and act as a magnet for leads, sales amplification, and boosting brand awareness.


    We take your brand a step ahead with our calculated strategies. Our team’s skilled measures boost the brand’s visibility and increase engagement among both, potential and existing customers.

    Social Media Marketing Process and Templates

    Enjoy the benefits of hiring a skilled Social Media Marketing agency. Here’s a glimpse into our SOPs and Process templates

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    Why WebRatna?

    Why Choose WebRatna?

    No business is the same. This is why Web Ratna offers custom social media marketing services tailored specially for each business. Social media marketing services require not only strategy but also creativity. Its benefits are clear when you see that 97% of marketers use social media. We help you not only with ads but also consistently using the right channels to engage your target audience on various social media platforms. Social media marketing includes branding and it helps in bringing quality leads to your sales funnel.

    How Social Media has transformed businesses?

    How Social Media has transformed businesses?

    In recent years there has been a dramatic rise in the popularity of social media ad marketing. In fact, Facebook says that the social media network now drives more traffic to websites than search! Social media ads can help your business as we make it cost-effective, easy to track, make it possible for businesses to generate a positive ROI. And because social media users are much more targeted than the average internet user, social media ads are more relevant to the reader.

    Why Select Us

    Web Ratna’s social media marketing services aim at broadening your audience and skyrocketing your business. Our approach runs alongside your expectations while maintaining complete transparency, which is why we recommend you give our services a try!


    Our team dives deep into the aspects of your business to bring fresh and refreshing content. This is an idea for boosting engagement and building a wider customer base.


    Web Ratna creates strategies that make the audience hooked to the posts made by us. This boosts interaction with the posts and brings a visible increase in ROI and leads.


    A detailed review and analysis take place before publishing in order to identify the strategy’s scope. This is posted to your social media and later, monitored.

    Measure and Mapping

    We make sure we map the strategy to help find what works for your project the best. Backed with measuring skills, we also tweak existing plans for the most results.

    Case Study

    Case Study

    Lightening the lamp of knowledge by sharing our experience. Read on our latest blog posts!

    In-depth Social Media Marketing Strategy and Execution Planning

    The first step of our process is aimed at understanding and getting to know your business. This helps us comprehend your need and expectations from our social media marketing services. This information acts as the base for our strategy creation.
    1. Client kick-off meeting
    A client kick-off meeting strengthens our connection with your project needs. During this step, we get access to hosting and website and cover topics like defining KPIs, previous social media marketing insights, content marketing strategy, penalties, and other important aspects.

    2. Onboarding
    During the first step, access is granted to us for Google Analytics and Google Search Console. At the same time, we provide you access to Google sheet templates to maintain complete transparency from the beginning of the process. During onboarding, we also choose our mode of communication- Teams, Whatsapp or Slack.

    After choosing the platform, we set up a goal-driven account. In case you have an existing one, we aim at optimizing it. In-depth content planning will create effective strategies that strengthen your online presence.

    1. Choosing the platform
    You have a choice of several social media sites, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others. However, not everybody will be qualified for the project. As a result, we help you choose the platform that will work best for your company.

    2. Account Set-up
    For prospective customers to find you on social media, you must have an account. Even though it can seem straightforward, we build optimized accounts or enhance existing accounts to draw in targeted traffic and boost conversion.

    1. Competitor analysis is carried out over several days based on the competitors. The primary objective of competitor analysis is to identify any content and backlink gaps. Forecasting sustainable growth is thereby made simpler. An overview is created to understand how well rivals’ websites function concerning your project to plan future tactics.

    Posts on social media should be creative and visually appealing. When producing the content, our talented team considers the project’s proper creative scope and color palette. Before being posted on the internet, every single post is thoroughly examined.

    We have the luxury of knowing how people will react once it has been launched because of insights. The insights also offer a deeper grasp of the target market and a glimpse at what is most popular and successful. These elements significantly influence the development of future initiatives and the growth of the account’s audience.

    To determine which of the two tested versions will be the most profitable, we also do A/B testing.

    A project report is sent to you every 30 days to update you about the project’s development. We employ tools like:
    • Ahrefs
    • Google Analytics
    • Google Search Console
    • Google Sheet (backlink data, technical SEO data)
    • Content
    • Rank tracking

    Google Slides helps provide the data from the given tools. You can also request reporting through Google Data studio. Web Ratna also uses porter metrics templates to deliver Google Data Studio Reports.

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